From Bee to You

Our raw, natural honey is gravity extracted retaining all of its natural goodness, health benefits and taste. Every batch is unique and varies in taste, colour and aroma, depending on the nectar source visited by the bees. While we take great pride in producing raw, natural honey free of additives, we are as passionate about maintaining the highest standards of food safety and quality control.*

AHB honey is nurtured in rural areas of South Africa that are home to hundreds of indigenous bee plants, many of which contain medicinal properties. Different plants flower at different times according to the seasons and climate. Because of the variety of plants that the bees forage on, the medicinal properties of the honey are usually much higher than other honeys.

AHB has partnered with Peels Honey (South Africa's oldest honey brand) to bring you our raw, local, unadulterated honey in the Peels Sizana range, available from the website and stores nationwide. In order to provide consumers with a constant supply of quality honey.

Alternatively our limited edition raw African Honey Bee branded honey can be bought from Buy Honey

*We follow South African Department of Health regulations, as well as the HASSP and ISO 22000 quality and safety standards. In addition to production and processing quality management, AHB has developed a quality management system for regulating and improving partner beekeeper quality procedures.

Our Quality and Ethical Quarantee

Raw, traceable and ethical, we guarantee the quality of our honey in the form of four value guarantee icons that are customised for our African poverty alleviation context:


  • Does not require wax foundation
  • Makes use of wild-caught swarms rather than purchased swarms
  • Prevents the spread of diseases and therefore we do not need nor use any veterinary medication or any other chemical whatsoever
  • Our bee-friendly poverty alleviationequipment has been manufactured according to African honeybee sizes and we rarely use queen excluders. Honey is harvested at the apiary sites while still in the (fully capped, i.e. ripe) comb, into sterilized honey buckets. The buckets are sealed en-route to the processing plant preventing the (hygroscopic) honey from being contaminated by car exhaust fumes. At the processing plant the honey is kept at hive temperature and then simply gravity extracted, i.e. strained, which retains the original flavour.


We believe that our honey has been traded in a way that is truly fair: from producer to consumer. We endeavour to produce and procure the highest quality honey and sell it for reasonable, market-related prices. Our beekeeper producers are paid fair prices, and receive ongoing support and mentorship.


From soothing a sore throat to wound application, people have been using natural honey for thousands of years owing to its natural medicinal properties and health benefits.

Researchers seeking scientific support for honey's legendary medicinal properties have found that it stops bacteria from growing - even strains that are resistant to some antibiotics.

Research has proven that natural raw honey kills bacteria much more effectively than processed/commercial honey of the same thickness and sugar concentration. We guarantee our honey will always be raw, natural and unadulterated.


According to the ARC poverty alleviation for Poverty Relief™ Programme, poverty alleviation is probably the only form of agriculture with an overwhelmingly positive impact on the environment.

It is a valuable conservation tool, allowing people to derive economic benefit from indigenous flora resources in a non-destructive way, ensuring local participation in conservation efforts. It also makes a significant contribution to other forms of agriculture by effecting the pollination of economically-important plants.

Our honey is as good to eat as it is to the badgers and the bees. We don’t harm badgers in any way. We use stands built 1.2 metres above the ground that are difficult for the badgers to climb – as is evident from this Oxford Films clip-on YouTube.