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Do you or your organisation need help, insight, and advice to fight and alleviate poverty through workable holistic and sustainable models?  Do you face unique challenges in the communities and environments you wish to impact for good?

No organisation that works to help others find hope and   sustainable solutions in the fight against hunger and poverty, should be expected to find all the answers on their own. 

African Honey Bee

At Khanyisani, through The African Honey Bee and ChildVision programmes, we have gained experience, conducted research, and laboured to find solutions that respect the communities we serve and protect the environment in which we work.

We are passionate about helping others make an impact where they are called to and offer consulting services to help you with your mission.

We offer consulting services to development agencies and communities in different parts of Africa. Our experienced and qualified team provides community-based, environmentally friendly, and sustainable solutions.

Services offered:

What our clients and partners say:

The African Honey Bee team’s use of ABCD (Asset Based Community Development) as a method for social transformation was also very effective. This approach showed people that they can use what they have available to them to change their lives. It empowered them to take control of their own destiny and make a positive difference in their communities.

Girum Girma
Project Manager, Caritas Switzerland in Ethiopia

What I appreciate most is that Dr Stubbs quickly grasped the nuances of traditional beekeeping in Ethiopia and built upon our local knowledge rather than introducing inappropriate technologies from outside…Dr Stubbs is particularly adept at understanding local methods and problems and helping locals find scientifically sound but locally appropriate solutions.

Kibebew Wakjira
Oromia Agricultural Research Institute,
Holeta Bee Research Centre

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