Stokvels - More than credit unions


"With significant numbers of South African citizens struggling to support their families and lacking access to formal financing options, the role of informal savings mechanisms – commonly known as stokvels – should not be underestimated. Stokvels come in many forms and have different goals, but their main focus is always to allow their members to save money towards large expenses. Stokvels fulfil a social as well as a financial role, creating bonds between neighbours and friends, and helping to establish trust within communities. They remain largely informal, and despite a number of attempts, neither the private nor the public sector have succeeded thus far in establishing any effective collaboration with them on a significant scale. Yet according to some research, an estimated R44 billion(ca. US $4.4 billion) worth of savings are held in stokvels, presenting opportunities for retailers, financial services companies, and also the public sector." - The BOP Learning Lab 

African Honey Bee is excited to have started savings groups in partnership with SaveAct (, with its beekeepers. Read this article by SaveAct's partner, Reciprocity ( on Stokvels:


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