The Honeybee Schools Programme

African Honey Bee is busy with a new project funded by the Hans Hoheisen Charitable Fund ( to raise awareness in schools about Honeybees. Eighteen schools in the Kwambonambi have been selected by Sipho Ngema (Department of Education's Circuit Manager).
African Honey Bee is teaching the learners about a) the critical importance of honeybees to food security and environmental health, b) the terrible damage that is done from uncontrolled fires that are used for hunting feral swarms, c) that money can be earned from keeping bees, and d) the dangers of working with bees without smoke or protective clothing (a granny was killed recently in Kwamthethwa from wild bees that were aggravated by some 10 year old boys trying to steal honey).
During the awareness training the learners are shown how to make home-made protective clothes and a smoker that they can keep and control a fire in, to smoke bees with. Learners are encouraged to invite their families to come to the free training being offered by Sappi and African Honey Bee. Relationships are being established with the schools and plans are afoot to develop beekeeping clubs at each of them.


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