African Honey Bee Subsistence Manual

African Honey Bee published a Subsistence manual in partnership with Sappi in 2015. In the years that followed we realised that some small details had to be changed (for example: the sequence for building a hive, and the handles on the chicken hoks).


Elize Ferreira, an Early Childhood Development student at the University of Pretoria, illustrated the Subsistence manual. Initially she only worked from photos, but for the updated version, she visited the project communities and collected reference material from the villages.

The manual is universal because of its illustrations. All the material and instructions are illustrated and written in such a way that even the most illiterate people can use it. It has proven to be a great method for bringing younger and older generations together, when they help each other to read the manual, and learn how to transform their lives.

A lot of thought went into putting the manual together. It is only a few pages yet densely packed with instructions on how to make a beehive, beehive tools, a chicken hok for eggs and poultry, a vegetable tower garden, and how to plant a fruit tree. The manual is in black and white reducing printing costs.

You are welcome to download a free copy here

By: Elize Ferreira - 23 October, 2017


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