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Welcome to African Honey Bee (AHB)

We produce superior-in-quality raw honey of unrivalled taste, produced in harmony with the environment and community.

Our business model is social-entrepreneurial in nature. We establish family-owned and operated micro-beekeeping businesses in rural communities that can profitably compete in local and fair-trade markets.

Not only do we ethically produce raw honey, we also develop innovative beekeeping equipment and technologies that are gaining popularity with beekeepers around the world.

We’re committed to producing superior honey that is good to eat, good for the environment and good for the community.

From Hive to Home

Our raw, natural honey is gravity extracted retaining all of its natural goodness, health benefits and flavour.

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The Gold Standard

Our honey is harvested to the highest food and safety standards, from both our farms and as procured from our partner beekeepers.

Our partners